SOLO (and with piano or electronics)

Zack Browning Black Notes II (1987) version for alto saxophone and tape
Kirk Corey Three Vignettes (1993) for alto saxophone and tape
Matthew Davidson Deux Plaisenteries (1991) for alto saxophone and piano
John Downey Portrait No. 3 (1995) version for soprano saxophone and piano
Jason Eckardt Tangled Loops (1996) for soprano saxophone and piano
Ross Feller Residual Air (1996) for solo baritone saxophone
Ross Feller Przemysl (2003) for baritone saxophone and tape
Brian Fennelly Three's Company for alto saxophone, flute and piano
James Fulkerson Co-Ordinative Systems #14 (2001) for baritone saxophone/tape delay
Benjamin Grosser Not Pitch (1995) for baritone saxophone and tape
John Harbison  San Antonio (1994) for alto saxophone and piano
Michael Hamman /2/3/ (2000) for soprano/baritone saxophone and tape
Elizabeth Hoffman Three Short Stories (2003) for alto saxophone
Louis Karchin Voyages (2001) for alto saxophone and piano
Daniel Koontz Attack Mode (2001) for alto saxophone and piano
Drew Krause Airline (1995) for alto saxophone and tape
Alex Lazarevich Decanter (1992) for solo alto saxophone
Keith Moore Black Box (2001) for alto saxophone and tape
Keith Moore hiatus pitch (1992/1994-95) for solo alto saxophone
Jeff Nichols Fantasy (1997) for alto saxophone and piano
Larry Polansky all things, beings, equal (1998) for solo saxophone
Gerhard Stäbler Traum 1/9/92 (1992) version for solo soprano saxophone
Carl Schimmel Elemental Homonculi (2005) for tenor saxophone and piano
Gunther Schuller Sonata (1999) for alto saxophone and piano


Kati Agocs Coloratura (2005)
Franck Amsallem The Chunnel (1995)
Kyle Bartlett Unfolding (2016)
Richard Belcastro Pseudopod (2003)
Tim Berne Brokelyn (2004)
David Biedenbender You’ve Been Talking in your Sleep (2010)

Christopher Biggs Surfaces and Essences (2017)
William Bolcom Scherzino (2004)
Martin Bresnick Every Thing Must Go (2007)
Eliza Brown Saxophone Quartet (2004)
Zack Browning Funk Assault (1999)
Zack Browning Howler Back (2004)
Gavin Bryars The Fifth Century (2014) for sax quartet and chamber choir
Robert Capanna Moment of Refraction (2004)
Robert Capanna Quartet
Kai-Young Chan JO-HA-KYU  (2016)
Victoria Cheah and yes i said yes (2007)
Andrea Clearfield Sax Trax (1997)
Anthony Cornicello Minimal Monk (2003)
Shawn Crouch Naked Time (2005)

Viet Cuong Prized Possessions (2014)
Andrew Davis In It Together (2016)
Nicholas DeMaison Drawling the Rusted Vacuum Breath (one sunset too many) (2005)
Donnacha Dennehy Centre for mild, medium-lasting, artificial happiness (2004)
Elwood Derr Passacaglia in Celebration of Carl Orff
Dennis DeSantis Hive Mind (2004)
Nick Didkovksy Talea (hoping to somehow "know") (2004)
Alex Dowling Twisting the Rope (2014)
Jason Eckardt A Fractured Silence (2004)

Roshanne Etezady Inkling (2004)
Roshanne Etezady KEEN (2004)
Roshanne Etezady Low Blow (2008)
Reneé Favand isolation (2004)
Reneé Favand Stages (2006)
Brian Fennelly Consort II
Ross Feller Nomadology (2006)
Eve Goldhirsch Disappear
Perry Goldstein Out of Bounds (2004)
Jerome Goodman Quartet
Andrea Grody The Frog Prince (2009)
Wang Gouwei Songs for Huqin and Saxophone Quartet (2009)
Joshua Hey Demapping (2016)
Jennifer Higdon Bop (2004)
Ben Hjertmann Awake, Alive, Amok, Ajar (2015)
Chia-Yu Hsu Contrast (1999)
Lee Hyla Paradigm Lost (2005)

Noah Jenkins Transfuse (2013)
Noah Kaplan 
Saxophone Quartet No. 1 (2014)
Ann Lathan Kerzner Rush Hour (2001)
David Laganella Leafless Trees (2010)
Jane Lange Somewhat Music, Mostly Noise (2016)
Marc LeMay I Believe in Werner Herzog (2016)
Lei Liang YUAN (2009)
Lei Liang Messages of White (2014)
Noah Kaplan Saxophone Quartet No. 1 (2014)

Peter Krag Waterfall Dance
Katerina Kramarchuk The Dniester Flow (2012)
Kristin Kuster Breath Beneath (2004)
Kristin Kuster Zephyrus (2009) for saxophone quartet and chamber chorus
Libby Larsen Wait a Minute... (2004)
Kevin Laskey Brokeland Records (2015)
Steve Lehman 15 Places at the Same Time (2014) for six saxophones
Matthew Levy Forbidden Drive (2017)
Matthew Levy Mae's Blues
Matthew Levy Inner Voices
Matthew Levy Real Standard Time
Matthew Levy Three Miniatures (2006)
David T. Little raw power (2010)
Zhou Long Antiphony (2009) for Erhu, Daruan, Percussion, and Saxophone Quartet
Joe Lovano Super Sonix (2017)
David Ludwig Josquin Microludes (2012)
Mark Macaluso Memories in the Wind (2014)
Steven Mackey Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (2004)
Rudresh Mahanthappa I Will Not Apologize for My Tone Tonight (2014) for saxophone quintet
Caroline Mallonee Hammering Away (at the Great Unknown) (2005)
Philip Maneval Songs of the Beloved, Op. 15
Eugene McBride The Edge (w/ 'cello and soprano) (2004)
Andrew Mead Saxophone Quartet No. 1 (2004)
Finola Merivale Kenopsia Sketch II (2016)
Stratis Minakakis Ta Entos (Those Inside) (2006)
Stratis Minakakis CHROIES BETA (2007)
Stratis Minakakis Monteverdi Responsories (2009) for saxophone quartet and chamber chorus
Kaeli Mogg m.i.l.k. (2014)
Keith Moore 1 - 20 (2004)
Keith Moore Phonai (w/ percussion quartet) (2004)
Jeff Myers Tidtu (2005)
Loretta Notareschi Dimwit's Delight (2005)
Emma O'Halloran Night Music (2014)
Thomas Oltarzewski Toccata (2012)
Nathaniel Osborn Manic (2005)
Greg Osby Prism #1 (Refraction) (2004)
Frank J. Oteri Fair and Balanced (2004)
Pardo-Tristan Emiliano Ludus No. 2 (2005)
Joshua Penman The Pilgrimage of Metal and Water (2004)
Samuel Pluta Mix-Deep Breaths-Remix (2005)
James Primosch Short Stories
James Primosch Straight Up (2004)
James Primosch Stratigraphy (2016)
Bernard Rands PRISM (Memo 6b) (2008)
Vincent Raikhel B-List (2004)
Ilana Rainero-de-Haan As of This Moment (2010)
David Rakowski Compass (2011)
Tim Ries Lu (2004)
Tim Ries Name Day (2014) for six saxophones
Jay Riese Side Streets (2016)
Chris Rogerson Canzonetta (2014)
Michael Rosen Anesthesia (2006)
Bright Sheng The Singing Gobi Desert (2014)
Adam B. Silverman Just a Minute, Chopin (2004)
Gabriella Smith Spring/Neap (2012)
Solon Snyder Four Riverboat Tableaus (2015)
Rand Steiger Maxine (2007)
Andrew Stiefel The Wind Has No Voice With Which to Cry (2013)
Stella Sung Tropicana (1999)
Daniel Temkin Blossoming (2012)
Frank Ticheli Out of the Blue (1999)
Juliana Trivers the approach (2003)
Ken Ueno July 23, from sunrise to sunset, the summer of the S.E.P.S.A. bus rides destra e sinistra around Ischia just to get tomorrow’s scatolame (2004)
Jacob Walls tachygenesis (2015)
Gregory Wanamaker speed metal organum blues (2004)
Anna Weesner Vamp (2016)
Stephen Wilcox Ouroboros (2005)
Julia Wolfe Cha (2015)

Tim Woos Four Miniatures (2012)
Ming-Hsiu Yen Elegy (2006)
Ming Hsiu Yen Chinatown (2009) for saxophone quartet and Chinese instruments
Chen Yi Happy Birthday to Prism (2004)
Chen Yi Septet (2009) for saxophone quartet and Chinese instruments
Matt Zavortink Kaleidoscope
Miguel Zenon X Marks the Square (2014) for six saxophones


United States PREMIERES

Richard Rodney Bennett  Saxophone Quartet (1994)
Donnacha Dennehy The Pale (2003) for saxophone quartet and six percussionists
Michael Finnissy Selected Movements of Great Masters (1996) for saxophone quartet
Gerard Grisey Anubis et Nout (1990) for solo baritone or bass saxophone
Hugi Gudmundsson Adoro te devote (2004) for saxophone quartet and choir
Toshio Hosokawa Vertical Time Study II (1994) for tenor sax, percussion, piano
Phillippe Hurel Bacasax (1990) for alto saxophone and piano
Philippe Hurel Opcit (1988) for solo tenor saxophone
Giya Kancheli Amao Omi (2005) for saxophone quartet and choir
Fabien Levy Durch, in memoriam Gerard Grisey (1998) for saxophone quartet
Bruno Mantovani L'Incandescence de la Bruine (1997) for soprano saxophone and piano
Jean-Claude Risset Voilements (1987) for tenor saxophone and tape
Georgia Spiropoulos Práxis 4 Saxes (2004/05)
Erkki-Sven Tüür Meditatio (2003) for saxophone quartet and choir


James Aikman Concerto for Alto Saxophone (2010) with St. Petersburg Symphony (Russia)
William Bolcom Concerto Grosso (2000) with the PRISM Quartet/Detroit Symphony
Guy Garnett Piece 21 (1998) for saxophone and chamber ensemble
Perry Goldstein The Abundant Air (2004) for saxophone quartet and concert band, with the West Point Band
Steven Mackey Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (2004) with the PRISM Quartet & Nashville Symphony
Keith Moore Radial (2006) with the Columbia Sinfonietta


Eve Beglarian Five Things (2001) for baritone sax and flute
Neely Bruce Analogues (1993) for alto saxophone and violin
Neely Bruce Leon's Invasion (1996) for saxophone, vln, trb, fl, voice, & six theremins
Rick Burkhardt Take Cover Story (1994) for alto saxophone and violin
Nick Didkovksy Browless Mere Knife (2004) for sx, flute, vln, vcl, bs, gtr, pno, perc
Lawrence Dillon Exit (2007) for actor, alto saxophone, trumpet, cello, bass, piano
Lawrence Dillon Dark Circles (2007) for 2 flutes, baritone sax, tpt, vln, viola, cello, bass, piano

Lawrence Dillon Sparkling in the Dark (2011) for bassoon, soprano sax, electronics
Johannes Fankhauser Passacaglia (2007) for alto sax, electric guitar, piano, perc
Brian Fennelly Three's Company (2003) for alto saxophone, flute, piano
Elizabeth Hoffman Barrissement (2002) for ensemble with baritone/soprano saxophone
Elizaeth Hoffman Earthly Objects (2007) for alto sax, electric gtr, piano, percussion
Elizaeth Hoffman holonyms (2005) for soprano saxophone, guitar, piano, percussion
Clara Latham In the Eye (2007) for alto saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion
Alex Lazarevich Frozen Fork: Beef Justice {ketchup} (1994) for alto sax and trombone
Alex Lazarevich Used 2 Abuse (1994) for saxophone and violin
Roberto Lopez Gaudinianas (2002) for saxophone, double bass, percussion, piano
Alvin Lucier Music for Violin and Alto Saxophone (1995)
Eugene McBride The Edge (2004) for soprano, saxophones and cello
John Mayrose Monophony (2005) for saxophone, guitar, piano, bass, percussion
Jim Miller Duo (2007) for baritone saxophone and trombone
Keith Moore Five Distances (1996) for violin and alto saxophone
Keith Moore Forever Young (2003) for two baritone saxes, tape delay, and video
Olga Neuwirth Fondamenta (1998) for baritone/tenor saxophone, cello, bass clarinet
Marco Oppedisano Move (2004) for saxophone, electric guitar, piano, percussion
Yvonne Troxler Kaleidoscope (2005) for tenor sax, electric guitar, piano, percussion


Milton Babbitt My Ends Are My Beginnings (1978) for alto/baritone saxophone (in progress)
Harrison Birtwistle An Interrupted Endless Melody (1991) for soprano sax and piano
Elliott Carter Gra (1993) for solo alto saxophone