"Taimur Sullivan was outstanding in [Louis Karchin's] "Voyages," his melodies phrased as if this were an old and cherished classic, his virtuosity supreme." 
Paul Griffiths, The New York Times

"Mr. Sullivan delivered this...wide-ranging program with a seductive breadth of tone and considerable technical agility."
Alex Ross, The New York Times

"I am especially taken with 'Tangled Loops', an outstanding piece for saxophone and piano played with dazzling proficiency by Taimur Sullivan. This type of music demands performers with nearly super-human ability…"
Christopher L. Chaffee, American Record Guide

"The musicians of the Glass Farm Ensemble play all of these works with what seams to be endless reserves of virtuosity and panache....Taimur Sullivan is a whiz on soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones... "

"The most impressive from the standpoint of technique was solo tenor saxophonist Taimur Sullivan's blistering performance of Philippe Hurel's "Opcit." Wickedly demanding, the four-movement piece required a different tone, weight and color for virtually every bar. From clear, fluid passages to throaty honks and blazing multiphonics, Sullivan hurdled all obstacles with laserlike precision."
Daniel Buckley, Tucson Citizen

"Sullivan...[is] among the growing band of young voices in the wilderness championing the intellectual avant-gardists...Not only dedicated and skilled, but also talented, fearless and sensitive... The sounds he made, from sotto voce murmur to joltingly accented warning, were fully and deliciously drawn."
Tom Strini, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"...among the best contemporary music virtuosi out there."
Joseph Pehrson, The New Music Connoisseur

"...sound of multiple baritone saxes is stunning..."
Robert Carl, Fanfare Magazine, review of Martin Bresnick's CD "My Twentieth Century" January/February 2006

"...[Tangled Loops is] a killer piece, and must be a bitch to play - hats off for Sullivan."
Paris Transatlantic Magazine

"...the solo by Taimur Sullivan proved one of the events of the afternoon."
Daniel Webster, Philadelphia Inquirer

"...the dynamic saxophonist Taimur Sullivan"
Anthony Tommassini, The New York Times

"Taimur Sullivan...projects a tremendous sound across all registers of the instrument, while conveying the poetry of the score."
Carson Cooman, Music & Vision

"…saxophonist Taimur Sullivan played…a lovely, slow melody of long sax tones over faster synthesized patterns of flowing, mellow harmonies."
Kyle Gann, Village Voice online

"Sullivan's soprano saxophone showed what the instrument is really meant to do..."
Paul Somers, Classical New Jersey

"...saxophonist Taimur Sullivan's performance was a model mix of vigor and control."
David Cleary, New Music Connoisseur

"...the great performer Taimur Sullivan..."
Javier Palacio, Diverdi

"Berio’s…carefully worked out intervallic structure…[and]…jazzy and modal flavoring brought out with exciting results by Taimur Sullivan."
Barry Cohen, The New Music Connoisseur

"...simply sensational."
Milton Babbitt, regarding Mr. Sullivan's New York performance of the composer's Whirled Series

"Bringing the concert to a close, saxophonist Taimur Sullivan gave an inspiring performance of Glazounov's Concerto in E-flat Major through a combination of furious technique and excellent use of the instrument's dynamic range...Sullivan displayed impressive stage presence and flair."
Christopher Herr, Fort Collins Coloradoan

"...an incredible saxophonist and a fantastic musician. The performance of [my] Opcit is wonderful."
French composer Philippe Hurel, director of Ensemble Court-Circuit

"...the impressively versatile Taimur Sullivan"
Berkshire Eagle

"Milton Babbitt's unpredictable, episodic duet, "Whirled Series,'' exploded with playful moments between Taimur Sullivan's sax and Marilyn Nonken's piano."
Chicago Sun-Times

With the PRISM Quartet:

"...the gentle, reedy beauty of the playing was beguiling."
The New York Times

"This bold ensemble has set the standard for contemporary-classical saxophone quartets with its rhythmic acuity and elegant sound."
Steve Smith, New York Times

"[PRISM] shattered expectations…pioneering achievements of the highest order."
Chamber Music Magazine

"The Prism Quartet's members -- Tim Ries, Michael Whitcombe, Matthew Levy, and Taimur Sullivan -- avoid the effete cliches of the classical saxophone. They play with grit, brio and take-no-prisoners accuracy."
Detroit Free Press

"The quartet...played with immense agility and finesse. The members produced a suave and integrated tone coupled with a depth of understanding of a work that was exuberant and exciting to experience."
Des Moines Register

[Headline: PRISM QUARTET LIGHTS UP GBS] " ... the fantastic Prism Saxophone Quartet...dazzling foursome. [William Bolcom's] Concerto Grosso's' Connecticut premiere was exhilarating, to say the least. The audience demanded an encore..."
Connecticut Post

"superb sax group..."
The New Yorker

"...when you want a sax quartet, the one you want is the PRISM Quartet. The members' virtuosity is buffed and burnished, and their enthusiasm has gotten only more exuberant. They have achieved the kind of effortless ensemble and telepathic understanding that characterizes the best instrumental ensembles in any genre...."
Ann Arbor Observer

"[Bolcom's Concerto Grosso], a jazzy update of a showy baroque form, highlighted the PRISM Quartet's flair for syncopated rhythms, bluesy turns and improvised cadenzas. The soloists took ownership of the work, which they had commissioned. Ling and the [Cleveland] orchestra came along for the fun-filled ride."
Cleveland Plain-Dealer

"...exceptional ensemble playing...the quartet performs with lovely nuanced phrasing, beautifully modulated dynamics and timbral shadings, and a sparkling clarity of articulation."
Classical Magazine

"This unusual group is determined to make the saxophone quartet a legitimate concert-hall fixture. And it may very well do just that.... "
New York Magazine